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10/01/2004 Archived Entry: "Bibles and the Republican Party"

This latest news item got me off the chair. The RNC recently distributed a mailer to Virginia voters that had the Holy Bible on the cover with the word "BANNED" emblazoned across it. The headline and copy insinuates that liberals aren't Christians.

Have the ultra-cons completely left their wits? Is that truly the message that they want to broadcast to the masses? Is this now the policy for the Republican Party?

Hellooo there... there are quite a few of us who are Christians AND liberal. Perhaps you should check your stats before you throw stones.

This latest insult seems to raise the specter that being liberal or conservative is as meaningful as being Christian. Last time I checked, the Apostles Creed still doesn't say anything about the Republican Party. But, hey, the night is young.

By the way, Kerry kicked Bush's butt. -HP

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