Meet Heavypen – Content Creator, SEO SERP Strategist

content creator, seo serp strategist

I’m Ray Wyman Jr. 

I’m a project-ready freelance content creator with LOTS of experience in SEO SERP strategy. My degree is in Public Relations/Journalism which prepared me as a content creator. But it also equipped me with knowledge and sensitivity for what drives audiences to engage and interact. After I launched Heavypen in 1997, I kept up with new technology for websites and developed skills in digital marketing communications. I pursued search engine optimization theory with methodology I called RTR Optimization (Roads to Roam) and use many of those concepts today in my work in SEO strategy. Most of my work is in content development (feature articles, ghost blogs, video blogs).  I also develop and manage WordPress websites with partner agencies and other freelance website developers and graphic designers.

I invite you to contact me about how I can help you with my extensive experience, knowledge, and skills. Looking for a content development coach? I do that too! I work for clients all over the U.S. and in China, and Europe – all from my home office in Orange County, CA. Heavypen’s tagline is “Content creation for a Word-Hungry World,” with a focus on keeping costs for small to medium-sized businesses.

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By the time I completed my journalism degree at Cal State Long Beach in 1982, I was already published in about a half-dozen newspapers, journals, and business trade publications. My first completed book was published in 1987 (Companion to Rare Coin Collecting). and I launched my first website (all hard-coded HTML) in 1996. I launched this website November 7, 1997 when everyone was still dazzled by the promise of the “information superhighway” (what a superlative, see Heavypen’s history). I wrote and published The Art of Jack Kirby and I am currently working with The Jack Kirby Museum on a new book titled “Conversations with Jack.” We’re also working to curate works by the true King of Comics. And at one point, I wrote stories for the Star Trek television franchise and optioned a few screenplays. But that’s another story for another time.

Services and Specialties

Content Creator, SEO Strategist

My job as a content creator is more than just uploading a few pictures and text. I lump “content creation” with “SEO” because these days, effective content needs an effective strategy. It’s also the primary driver for my RTR Optimization methodology. Success (with or without a ‘home’ website) is dictated by the degree of planning for THREE essential areas of digital marketing communications:

  • KNOW – build content for what we want our target audience to know about us. That means creating exciting narratives and wonderfully woven narratives about you, your company, your product/service, and your mission.
  • FIND – optimize content so audiences may find us. This means thinking about the machine – i.e., search engines – and how they use contextual meaning and search intent for every query.
  • DO – plan what audiences will do once they find us. We can deploy all the best content in the world, but what do we want searchers to do? How do we entice them to engage and interact with us?

RTR Optimization means describing product and services thoroughly, but with an eye on how the content will be ranked and how well it’ll be placed. SEO mechanics shows us how the ‘machines’ (search engines) grade content based on grammar and rank it based on keyword deployments. I’ll guide you toward a content strategy that will match the all-important audience search intent. Content that’s original, fresh, and engaging is (and always has been) the absolute king of marketing, but we also have to learn how to talk to our audience – at their level. Last (but not least) take into consideration that well-planned content strategy draws traffic from many “endpoints” – via social media, syndication, blogging, p2p events, and more.

Production and Project Manager

Anyone armed with a bit of knowledge can become a producer. I’ve worked for publishers, public relations agencies, advertising agencies. I’m a master at organizing production – production schedules, vendors, and individual producers. I’m fully aware of every aspect of your project, be it writing articles, producing pages for your website, constructing a WordPress website, managing your social media campaigns, generating a ghost blog, writing and distributing press releases, producing one-on-one executive videos suitable for YouTube – and more. I may draft other freelance specialists to help with particulars of your project, but I never surrender responsibility. I have many years of direct experience at writing (of course), but I also have plenty of personal experience producing videos, press releases, press kits, PowerPoint presentations, business narratives, brochures, websites – and so much more. I have managed production for public events and trade shows. I owned a marketing communications production studio from 1985 to 1989 and specialized in company newsletters, sales catalogs, and other publications for public relations. I ran my own publishing company from 1990 until 1994, where I broke into magazines and book production. Finally – if you’re on a budget (who isn’t), I can make you look like a million bucks. That’s my job.

Technical Writer

I have more than a decade of experience composing technical training manuals for heavy machinery, network operation centers, and complex standard operating procedures. This is one facet of my experience that really differentiates me from most of my fellow writers. After I graduated from college in 1982, I moved on to journalism and the other work I do for my clients. But it was the experience working as a technical writer through college that helped me become a better writer. During that time I also worked a technical illustrator for Hughes Helicopters, JPL, and Northrop. I received various classified clearances to work with engineers and researchers, sifting through technical language and the engineering process to produce write and produce manuals, instruction guides, tutorials; edit technical articles, white papers, research papers. I laid out complex technical diagrams, flowcharts, and illustrations for many of the manuals I wrote and edited. The net result of that experience: I can analyze highly technical concepts and convert them into everyday language narratives for marketing. I still offer my services as a professional technical writer (reference guides, troubleshooting manuals, and technical training manuals). I am familiar with Chicago (Turabian), MLA, MAPA, APA writing style guides.

Contact Me

Let’s try something a little bit radical: no more contact form! Unless you’re willing to engage complex anti-spam apps, forms are an open invitation for abuse. Captcha is supposed to help stop that, but to be honest, I don’t like using them any more than I like managing the app. I invite you to use any of these social media platforms where I am active or I receive notification on a fairly regular basis:




PLEASE NOTE that contact via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook may take longer because I’m not always online on those platforms (too busy working!). You may also try my office phone, 714-997-3808 or email me at ray_wyman (at) heavypen (dot) com.