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NetDay Frequently Asked Questions

NetDay is a volunteer effort by companies, schools, parents, and students to wire the nation's schools for the Internet. To contact the volunteer office by mail: YOUR STATE ORGANIZER'S ADDRESS. Phone: 1-800-55-NET96. Web site: E-mail:

  • There are approximately 107,000 primary and secondary schools in the United States, with more than 55 million students attending. Source: NCES, 1995 Digest of Education Statistics
  • About 2,850 primary and secondary schools currently have Internet access. Breakdown: 1,120 primary schools; 1,730 secondary schools. Source: Web66 Internet Registry
  • NetDay's wiring kits contain Category 5 cable. Category 5 cable is made up of eight copper telephone wires encased in a sheath; properly installed, it provides for high-speed access to the Internet and other networks.
  • NetDay's wiring goal for each school is five classrooms and a library or a computer lab. NetDay kits contain 2,000 feet of cable, plus two specialized jacks for each schoolroom. Wiring all the schoolrooms in an average-sized school requires about 6,000 feet of cable.
  • NetDay kits for an average school usually cost less than $400.00.
  • NetDay is using no tax dollars. All funding comes from private charities and corporate donations. All of the installations are completed by volunteers.
  • The NetDay campaign in California in March 1996 resulted in the wiring of about 3,500 schools; about 50,000 volunteers participated.
  • The national NetDay campaign anticipates that 210,000 volunteers will participate in wiring projects by the end of October 1996. NetDay's target for that date is to wire 20 percent of all U.S. primary and secondary schools, or about 21,000 institutions.
  • As of August 1996, there are 42 state NetDay organizations.
  • There are currently more than 12,000 commercial Web sites and 40 million total U.S. users of the Internet. Most analysts suggest that between 5 to 6 million U.S. consumers are logging on for the first time each month. Sources: ActivMedia and O'Reilly & Associates



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