I don’t like contact forms. These days, they’re an open invitation for hacks, spam, and bot attacks. Captcha is supposed to help stop that, but to be honest, I don’t like using them any more than I like managing the apps. Besides, who really wants to use an email form to contact people they want to work with?  My disdain for forms has brought me to try something a little bit radical: no more contact form! Instead, I’d like you to try reaching out to me via any of these social media platforms where I am active or I receive notification on a fairly regular basis:





Note that LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook may take a little bit of time because I’m not always online on these platforms (too busy working!). I can be more responsive with Yelp because I get instant notification on my mobile phone for all requests for service. You can also try my office phone, 714-997-3808, if you want that old school immediacy.

Nothing like old school.