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October, 2006
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Suggested reading for: A Companion to Rare Coin Collecting

Coin Collecting for Dummies
By Ron Guth, this handy guide covers all the basics of this fun activity, shows beginners the ropes, from buying, collecting, and storing coins. Simple, short, and easy to understand - a must for beginners. ISBN: 0764553895

2002 Blackbook Price Guide to US Coins
By Marc Hudgeons (et al), the Blackbook covers every US Coin ever minted including colonial tokens, farthings, half cents, and gold pieces. All types evaluated, graded, and priced. Includes rare and scarce coins: general issue coins, popular oddities, varieties, and error coins. A must for beginners. ISBN: 0676601731

The Coin Collector's Survival Manual
By Scott A. Travers, this book was called "one of the most important coin books ever written" by The New York Times. It examines the coin field from an insider's perspective and breaks important new ground in disclosing the ins and outs of coin collecting and investing. Graduate from 'beginner' to 'advanced beginner' by adding this book to your personal library. ISBN: 1566251494

Coin Clinic: 1,001 Frequently Asked Questions
By Alan Herbert, an internationally renowned numismatist, a professional coin authenticator and photographer. Herbert answers the top 1,001 questions asked of him by collectors, dealers, scholars, authors, columnists, and specialists through his "Coin Clinic" column published in "Numismatic News" and "Coins" magazine. Illuminating reading for the beginner collector. ISBN: 0873413806

One-Minute Coin Expert
By Scott A. Travers, one of the most knowledgeable coin dealers in the world, this book offers many specialty sections written for the advanced beginner. A bit on the 'fad' side of coin collecting, but Heavypen has been told that it offers good tips and ideas on how an 'advanced beginner' can specialize new collections. ISBN: 0609807471

The Comprehensive Catalog and Encyclopedia of US Coins
By Brad Reed, and presented by Coin World, the most respected and widely read newsweekly in coin collecting. Reed has revised this edition with newly discovered rarities and offers recent valuations, all-time high auction records, and actual-sized photographs. A must for the advanced collector. ISBN: 038079859X

Planning Your Rare Coin Retirement
By David L. Ganz. A typical collector spends $2,500 a year on your collection. Here's a book that can help advanced collectors flesh out a profitable portfolio while keeping collecting a personally rewarding and enjoyable pasttime. Not for the beginner. ISBN: 1566250986

Suggested reading for: Achieving Vision

The Lemming Dilemma
By David Hutchens, the text introduces the crucial organizational learning discipline of personal mastery that enables people to create new possibilities for themselves and their organizations. The story format opens the reader to lessons about transitional leadership, personal guidance, and communication. Includes questions that can be used for group discussion. ISBN: 1883823455

Big Vision, Small Business
By Jamie S. Walters, this book is about how people work together, how we can be a service to others, and how we find appreciation in the things we do. Walters takes a walk through various topics to demonstrate her lessons: history, religion, nature, personal sacrifice, and spiritual connections. Students, business managers, and the curious will find value in this volume. ISBN: 1589750004

Building a New Performance Vision
By Thomas J. LaBonte, this book is a valuable resource for the HR leader, performance consultant, entrepreneur, or line manager. The author describes the value of shared vision, performance relationships within the organization, and how to share benefits with customers and clients. ISBN: 156286291X

The Disney Way Fieldbook
By Bill Capodagli and Lynn Jackson, the book subtitle boasts that it shows you how to implement Walt Disney's vision of "dream, believe, dare, do" in your own company - and apparently lives up to this claim. Applauded and praised in strategic-thinking circles. ISBN: 0071361065

Beyond Strategic Vision
By Michael Cowley, the book offers effective corporate action with Hoshin Planning methodology, "a Japanese management system for determining the appropriate course of action for an organization, and effectively accomplishing the relevant actions and results." A must-have for entrepreneurs, line managers, and performance consultants. ISBN: 0750698438

Lessons from the Window Seat
By David Specht, this book can help readers find ways of achieving shared vision in the workplace. An easy read that can help anybody understand the importance of shared vision in any team environment. This book can be distributed to the 'rank and file' of any organization as part of an overall strategic training program. ISBN: 0966462483

Executive Thinking
By Leslie L. Kossoff, this book is highly recommended by many performance consultants and 'team leaders' who find themselves training upper management. Good reading for any executive looking into how to implement a new strategic management program within their organization. ISBN: 0891061347

Suggested reading for: The Art of Jack Kirby

Collected Jack Kirby Collector, Volume Three
Edited and compiled by my friend and fellow Kirby swooner, John Morrow - as Alan Moore says, "The Jack Kirby Collector is sort of single-minded, obsessive, totally uncritical, slavish adulation, and it's brilliant!" This volume reprints issues 13 to 15 of the valued "Kirby Collector" magazine. ISBN: 1893905020

The Essential Fantastic Four, Volume I, Volume II, and Volume III
A reprint collection of the comic book that helped shape the future of comics and began the Marvel Universe. Produced by one of the most debated partnerships in all comic book history. The fact that "The Essential" series reprints are in black and white is a plus - better to see Jack's work before the colorists got to it. Volume I, ISBN: 0785106669; Volume II, ASIN: 0785107312; Volume III, ISBN: 0785107827

The Essential Captain America
Art by Kirby, Gil Kane, and George Tuska - reprints of Marvel's later renditions of this Simon/Kirby original. ISBN: 0785107401

The Essential Avengers, Volume I
Reprints the first 24 issues of the classic series Lee, Kirby, and Heck. ISBN: 0785107010

The Essential Hulk, Volume I and Volume II
Reprints from Kirby's own Hulk. Ain't nobody going to take this away from him. Volume I, ISBN: 0785107126; Volume II, ISBN: 0785107959

The Essential Thor
By Asgard, another reprint series by the master comic book artist. ISBN: 0785107614

The Essential Silver Surfer
With stories and art by Lee/Kirby and John Busuma. No matter what anybody else says, Kirby created Silver Surfer. Nuff said? ISBN: 078510271X

Jack Kirby's the Forever People
Forever People, part of Kirby's Fourth World legacy that includes Jimmy Olsen, New Gods, and Mister Miracle. This volume is a collection of all the Forever People reprints. ISBN: 1563895102

Jack Kirby's Fourth World (Mister Miracle)
By Jack Kirby and Mike Royer, the next installment to the Fourth World reprints. ISBN: 1563897237

Jack Kirby's New Gods
By Jack Kirby, Vince Colletta, Mike Royer. The pinnacle (my opinion) installment to the Fourth World reprints. Must have! ISBN: 1563893851

The Villainy of Doctor Doom
From the partnership of Lee/Kirby with additional illustrations by John Byrne, this volume is a collection of Dr Doom reprint stories from various issues of Fantastic Four. ISBN: 0785107320

Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men
I still say that Kirby created The X-Men. It just follows the Simon/Kirby team formula from the early Golden Age and Challengers, Skymasters, and so on. Say what you must, but this is still a great reprint collection. ISBN: 0785106642

Orion: The Gates of Apokolips
By Walter Simonson, Dave Gibbons, Frank Miller. Not appreciated by all, but most die-hard Kirby fans love this Simonson-inspired projection of Kirby's indelible original creation. Good storytelling combined with excellent illustrations, by artists who love and respect the King of Comics. ISBN: 1563897784


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