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12/06/2005 Entry: "I'm A Vrey Impotant Persun Now!"

Yep. I have arrived... and I've got the proof right here in this can o spam:

From: Micheal Anderson - Online Educatoin Enrollment"
Micheal Anderson [Mail] [MichealAnderson@wagnersd.com]

You have been referred to us: (Referral ID: R5673)

Based on your present knowledge and past life experiences our University administration office has been trying to contact you. We feel you may qualify for one of our Univsersity degrees in your area of expertise. We have been qualifying people based on thier experiences in past and present jobs and are offering qualified degrees with transcripts for those that qualify. If you call our offices now we can confirm our information and send you either a Bachelors', Masters', or Doctorate within 2 weeks.

Administration Office Number:

Administration Hours:
24 hours, 7 Days a week, including Sundays and Holidays

University Registration
Micheal Anderson
Client Identification: CL1123

Yep. It's a bonafide Universistey degre complet with a transcript no less! Hmm. I guess Mr. Anderson has a different spelling for his first name... might just be a regional thing. -HP

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