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10/09/2004 Archived Entry: "Spin All You Want, Mr. Bush"

If this latest news caught you sleeping, Kerry won last night's debate. He won the ABC News snap poll, 44-41, with Dems +3 in Party ID (reflecting the national average). He also won in the Gallup poll 47-45, without the Party ID bias (interesting, no?).

The spin cycle started immediately following final statements with pundits - high and low, left and right - yarning on and on about how much better Bush did than last time. Nothing like damning with faint praise, eh? Let's call a spade a spade, shall we? He sucked last time and he merely avoided sucking this time. And let me say this - you can't win by sucking.

The Dems also won the Vice-Presidential debate by turning a draw into a "Cheney lied" headliner. While Bush lied just as often as his partner did this go-round, to be completely fair, Kerry fibbed plenty but he made it look like art. Bush/Cheney just looked silly (that .com/.org thing was the icing on the cake).

Oh, and what about that statistical margin of error? Well, okay. If it makes you feel any better, Kerry didn't win - but at this stage of the game, that's a pretty weak defense for a sitting President.

Clearly, Kerry has the advantage. He has managed to improve his credibility and his standing among registered AND likely voters. He reversed a post RNC convention drubbing in the polls and survived the best muck the ultracons could rake up. Poly trend charting (combined average polling for the last 40 weeks) shows a reaching Kerry and a floundering Bush. Only a master contortionist would find the results from this latest round reassuring.

Stay tuned. -HP

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