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10/12/2001 Archived Entry: "It's Alive"

Okay - it's 6am and I've finally worked out the bugs and the Wordfeed mechanics are working. What now?

I suppose I should write an editorial, but I'm in a bit of a pinch. This may sound lame - but I've got to go sailing. Yep: billowing sails, hull pounding against the waves, and me - right there at the helm - guiding crew and passengers to safe harbor. Ah, but the reality is that I'm going on a short jaunt to Catalina and back - a milk run with a friend and two 10-year-olds. Nothing so dramatic, but it ought to be fun.

Admittedly, it is a badly needed vacation - albeit a short one. I have been stressing out about this new site launch (I will be on time, damnit), the whole 911 event, my poor business, and all other sorts of stressful things. Perhaps it is the idea that we're standing at the threshold of World War III that causes me to lose so much sleep. Whatever the reason I can't stop it by stressing out, I can't change a damn thing. Therefore I'm doing something for me before I implode. And besides, it's cheap; I'm going on my friend's boat.

Old sailors of tallships used to have the same damnable problem after they had been beached for a while. The only way that some of them could get a peaceful night's sleep was from the rolling and rocking of a ship at sea - even if it were moored in a harbor. You may be getting seasick just thinking of rolling decks and lapping waves, but I don't. I have been beached for too long - going on a year and a half.

I promise I'll post something a bit more 'gasoline-like' this weekend. Until then, readers...

Tally ho!

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