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Primary Services

Corporate Communications Developer

Often encompassing tasks as writer/editor, this role also involves designing and coordinating corporate communications under existing policies and procedures (or creation of the same). Usually involves interfacing with an existing marketing/public relations department or agency. May involve monitoring of company media, implementing/utilizing electronic publishing technology, cataloging documents, managing multiple projects, producing and publishing materials, estimating production costs, and working with or supervising other writers/editors.

Senior Writer/Editor

The scope of this role involves writing, editing, proofreading, and editing a variety of copy or documents. May include planning/preparing documents/stories for dissemination; coordinating company publications including articles, artwork, verifying facts, giving final approval, et cetera; and/or developing, implementing, and maintaining editorial policies and standards. Often includes research and verifying facts and/or overseeing work done by reporters or other writers.


Research, develop, investigate, and write news stories (scripts) through interviews, observation, and library and/or online resources. Determines tone and intended audience of story(ies). Investigates and determines the validity of news story leads. Role may involve special assignments for in-depth investigation of issues, trends, and/or processes.

For my full resume, please visit www.raywyman.com or send mail to heavypen@yahoo.com - include"[SERVICE INQUIRY]" in the subject line.

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