Future Time Perspective and Positivism

Another way of looking at vision is by its future time perspective and positivism. This complicated sounding term is the distillation of two years of work conducted by management researchers Peg Thoms and David Greenberger.

Future time perspective describes the extent to which the future drives current behavior. The higher the future time perspective, the farther into the future the individual is thinking, planning, and directing behavior.  People differ in their ability to think about the future by virtue of their unique time perspective.  It is this differential "feel" of the future that determines individual abilities to develop and act on strategic planning.

A positive attitude towards life can be an antecedent towards building a positive vision as risk-taking and creativity are qualities usually attributed to positiveness in individuals. Positiveness encourages individuals to break free of current barriers, look at new relationships in the environment and to think in different ways.  Researchers Isen and Baron point out that "persons who are feeling happy are more cognitively flexible -- more able to make associations, to see potential relations among stimuli -- than a persons in a neutral (or negative) state."