Action Points for Effective Leadership (C.O.M.E.)

It is critical for managers to recognize that leadership skills can be learned and should be developed. Here are four action points for effective leadership: Creating, Organizing, Motivating, and Empowering which, not so coincidentally, spells the word COME, as in 'follow me.'

Creating focus.  Every effective manager must have vision to facilitate growth and productivity through a cohesive plan executed by focused employees who are willing to follow.  Creating focus through vision or other activity helps the rank and file visualize where the leader is taking them.

Organizing effort.  Part of transformational process is organizing the effort through cognitive planning. The leader must communicate the effort into a common vision that carries the organization through clearly defined operational steps.  This also serves to inspire enthusiasm and 'buy in' on the part of the intended followers.

Motivating the team.  A large part of the transformational leader's time is spent on managing the greatest resource, the people.  A transformational leader cannot leave to assumption that the vision or purpose is clearly understood and acknowledged by all.  Short of cheerleading and overt lecturing, the transformational leader can lend his or her enthusiasm for even the smallest signs of progress, thereby drawing a sense of direction and pride from which others can follow.

Empowering everybody.  Empowerment occurs as followers recognize that they can be instrumental in meeting the goals and realizing the vision. This instills self-confidence in the followers and offers ownership and shared goals for the group.  Empowerment also provides broad participation through a vision of a preferred future.