Vision Definition

Here are excerpts from the previous text (and text that didn't make it in the final cut). Use these to help remind you and your vision team what it is you are setting out to accomplish:

  • Some visions are personal, some are borne from the struggle to survive. Some visions save countries while others find new ways of improving our daily lives. But the most important aspect of a vision is the person, or people, who raise it up for others to see. While "envisioners" are characterized as the seekers and wonderers, the vision itself must be grounded on the knowledge that all goals are attainable, if only one can muster the focus in their lives to seek them out. -- Wyman

  • We are a new era that calls for collaboration as well as individual actions.  Again, it is a time of pathfinding; for a quest for new visions and inspiration.  It is also a time of tremendous opportunities and potential.  We must remember that every journey is but a series of single steps into the unknown.  As Einstein once said, the greater our circle of knowledge; the greater the circumference of what is left unexplored.  Through our individual actions, whether they are conscious or unconscious, we are contributing to the condition and character of our future, increasing or decreasing the sum of our community and businesses now and forever.  As a community of innovators, inventors and envisioners, our efforts have been ripened by all who preceded us.  As our own present is inexorably bound to our past, so too is our future rooted in this time we call the present.  -- Excerpt from a speech given by William Shatner. Edited by Ray Wyman and vision training strategist Leland Russell

  • Vision is "a mental model of a future state of a process, a group, or an organization." -- Burt Nanus

  • A vision is a cognitive image of the future which is positive enough to members so as to be motivating and elaborate enough to provide direction for future planning and goal setting. --Thoms/Greenberger

  • Visions that work are clear so they can easily be understood and acted upon by everybody that is asked to follow it.  Every aspect of the mission statement should be enforced by a compelling need through shared problems, goals, and aspirations. The essential points of the vision should be so tightly focused that they challenge your audience to challenge themselves.  Ask people to participate, not to just follow. Empower them by allowing them to share ownership in an optimistic future; one bearing positive attitudes and a meaningful opportunity for success.-- Wyman/Russell