Homework House is a free tutoring and mentoring program providing academic guidance and educational assistance to students who are at-risk of dropping out of school, becoming involved in gang activity or other delinquent behavior. We also assist students with life and learning skills so they can compete for meaningful employment and become productive tax-paying citizens. 

Purpose and Goals 

Homework House helps students rebuild their interest in education and gives them a way to rejoin the ranks of academic achievers and away from a life of welfare dependency. We rebuild self-esteem and teach life skills through academic achievement. Our belief is that through positive mentoring and directed instruction, we enable at-risk students to become productive citizens and meaningful contributors to our community. 

  • To change the attitude a student has toward school. Often students who do not perform well tend to dread school and classroom participation. Our goal is to help students improve enough to understand what is being taught, find satisfaction in going to school, and become a willing participant in the learning process.
  • Provide tutoring away from school campuses, in a neutral environment from which they can re-establish academic interest and achievement.
  • Serve as positive role models to at-risk youth and keep "borderline" students from slipping into delinquent behavior such as truancy and gang activity.
  • Maintain a ratio of 3 students per every volunteer tutor so that each student has an opportunity for individualized instruction and educational guidance.
  • Provide resources like computer labs so at-risk students have access to tools that can help turn their lives around.
  • Provide services to all students of all social, ethnic and economic backgrounds, but especially to those at or near the lowest economic levels. 
  • Maintain an exceptionally low administrative budget and high volunteer participation, so we can provide our services at no cost to students.