To maintain program continuity and expand services to other communities, Homework House requires approximately $6.4 million in funding over the next five years (budget detail available, please contact us). More than 70 percent of the funds will be used to give directly to other qualified organizations so they can open and maintain local programs of their own. About 21 percent of the budget is dedicated to support activities such as publishing, volunteer procurement, and extensive internship programs in conjunction with local universities. The balance of funding (8.5 percent) will be used for salaries, administrative costs, and other non-direct support. 

The Highlights 

  • By the end of Year 5 there will be 120 active programs providing care and support for more than 64 thousand students.
  • The average cost per student is under $100 for year-round free tutoring and mentoring. The commercial equivalent for the same service is estimated at more than $2,200 per student.
  • About 8.5% of the budget goes to administrative costs ($ 552,104.00). Provides full-time staff, facilities, and support for all activities.
The budget also provides these benefits over five years: 

Internship Tutors - Research Grants $ 336,000.00 
Provides one undergraduate student tutor for each active HH program. Also provides research grants to qualified graduate students for research projects and student evaluation assessment. Our goal, at the end of five years, is to publish a text book on lessons learned and discovered "best practices" for teaching difficult students. 

Publishing $ 356,400.00 
Provides newsletters, booklets, a website, tutor handbooks and other support materials for HH students, volunteer tutors, and parents. 

Start-Up Grants $ 1,125,000.00 
Provides first year monies to be given to qualified organizations so they can open local HH programs for their own communities. 

Maintenance Grants $ 3,438,750.00 
Provides ongoing annual financial support to active HH programs. HH also encourages these organizations to conduct their own local fundraising activities. 

This project carries with it a sense of urgency brought about not only by alarming statistics, but also by a sense of community responsibility. Unless we provide immediate supplemental assistance to the existing school system, we will have many more dropouts that will result in higher unemployment and expansion of welfare. Homework House is proud of its contribution over the last five years. Our goal is to provide the attention and care that can turn even more lives around in the next five years.