A Project Ready Pro

Freelance writer and editor

I’m Ray Wyman Jr – freelance writer specializing in content creation, website creation, marketing and management. I’m a project ready pro with nearly 30 years of experience in all media: online, print and video. I’m a veteran journalist, business writer, and public relations professional. I can help you create sustainable organic search results with a creative narrative that… Read More

Confessions of a Failed Screenwriter

An old friend posted a photo on his Facebook page. The image was of me, Peter Burke, and Steve Werblun caught in mid-stride into a would-be/might-have-been career in screenplay writing. My first impulse was to smile and reflect on the chaotic and fun days. But it also made me squirm a little. The photo was taken while we… Read More

Negotiation, without the Blood (II)

Anybody else want to negotiate?

This is Part II, continues from Part I Negotiation through Moderation Ideally, negotiations should result in some form of agreement that functions well with little or no change. And yet, many agreements are often so unworkable that they can only be sorted out through litigation. Why? Let’s start with the old American motto: “moderation in everything.”… Read More

Business Abroad: Can you handle it?

Ray at World Trade Center Tourism

The photo above was taken in 1998. That’s me working our tradeshow booth in Chicago for World Trade Center’s business tourism outreach program. Business Abroad – words that provoke simultaneous mystery, myth and sometimes fear. In most cases, it’s the stereotypes about what’s beyond our borders that does the most damage. During my years at… Read More

Marketing Budgets: Don’t axe your most valuable asset.


Before you axe your marketing communications program, consider the fact that many large corporations now treat marketing (advertising, promotions, public relations) as asset-building investments and not expense-based cost of doing business. This is likely the reason that savvy managers focus more on retention and not acquisition of new customers. All businesses want to control cost. It’s… Read More

Writer’s Journey: Plagiarism, Ethics, and Stealing

Some smart guy once said that “familiarity is the breeding ground of all contempt for the law.” Maybe it was Machiavelli. I believe that it also follows that familiarity breeds contempt for civility and social order; courtesy and honor. In our short lifetimes, we have seen people traverse a vast behavioral spectrum – from a… Read More

You want to hire a SEO, SMM Manager?

You get what you pay for… That’s what the old guy said. Bob Frost – recently plucked from the blog-o-sphere (he lost his website, which was a damn shame, IMO). Old school too. Very old. His favorite class: Latin. I met Bob just before I fell into (his words) the “evil pit”; aka “marketing communications.”… Read More

God, Darwin and Philosophers

I just watched the 1960 film Inherit the Wind, directed by Stanley Kramer based on a play by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee. The story is the fictionalization of the 1925 “Scopes monkey trial” that pitted Darwin’s Theory of Evolution against The Bible. The final scene was the payoff for James Strickling. In that scene,… Read More

The Sisyphean Torture of the Unfinished Novel

I don’t know how many journalists I have met who have said, “I’m working on a novel,” but I know at least one. Maybe it’s like being a waiter who aspires to be screenwriter. Some occupations just blend like that. Maybe a journalist is closer to a novelist than a waiter is to a screenwriter… Read More

Why Print Lingers

Print lingers because it still meets the basic marketing paradigm: it serves a useful purpose. I suppose there will come a day when 100 perfect bound pages of 80 pound gloss stock will be as rare as a rotary phone, but it hasn’t happened yet. And if the stats are correct – it’ll be quite a while yet before we will truly say that print is dead.

Well Rising

I was rummaging through some notes and rediscovered this wonderfully written poem – quite possibly one of my favorites. It is called ‘The Well Rising‘ by William Stafford; featured by NPR in its coverage of John Felstiner’s book “Can Poetry Save the Earth?” The well rising without sound, the spring on a hillside, the plowshare… Read More

Make Detroit our new China

OC METRO> UCI’s Policano: Make Detroit our new China. Difficult times breed novel ideas. I like Policano’s idea of sourcing work back to the American industrial center. But not just manufacturing jobs, I think new incentives could drive a whole range of services back in-country with two benefits: ONE: obviously, we get more people back… Read More