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Ray Wyman

I’m Ray Wyman Jr., a California native, freelance copywriter, content creator. A marketing communications pro. I have client experiences that have taken me all over the U.S. Europe and Asia. I have a long resume chock full of marcom accomplishments and achievements. I am a triple-threat producer who will work comfortably as your “one-man-show” or as part of your marketing communications team. And I’m project ready.

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Career Summary

I’ve worked in the field of communications for more than 20 years. I earned my degree in Journalism in 1983. I lived through the world’s rapid transition from print to electronic media then to web, and learned how to adapt quickly. I believe that survivors live in a state of continuous improvement – always learning, adapting and growing. That belief has led me to harvest practical experiences and sharpen these skills and abilities:

  • Marketing writing and editing – content creation and development, content strategy; press releases, press kits, presentations, business narratives, brochures.
  • Technical writing – manuals, instruction guides, tutorials, financial/company history.
  • Public speaking and presentation – PowerPoint, multimedia resources.
  • Research – voice of the audience/customer surveys, competitor studies, content studies, reaction/attitude and opinion studies.
  • Public relations – social media, media relations, press kits and press release placements (Web and Print, PR).
  • Corporate communications – private/public companies, SEC reporting, compliance issues, crisis planning/preparation.
  • Project management – managing creative workforce assets, working with other designers, writers, and programmers to complete long-term or short-term communications/branding projects.
  • Multimedia production – video/audio recording and editing.


SubirChowdhury.com – I wrote all content for this site, designed the structure and presentation style based on client’s input, and customized a template for WordPress.

Subir Chowdhury App – I produced an app (iOS) based on the content I developed for Mr Chowdhury. The app has been downloaded by hundreds of his clients.

Millennium Space Systems – I wrote much of the existing text and co-designed (with Michael Wollner) a new website for this up-and-coming satellite builder.

LGarde, Inc. – I conducted research that led to the redesign of the corporate ID and the website.

Bowermaster & Associates – I wrote and/or edited most of the content for this site. Managed research that led to rebranding this 70-year-old insurance brokerage. Michael Wollner design.

Law Firm Blog – I manage several blogs. This is one of the more consistent and interesting. Michael Wollner design.

Buncher Law Corporation – I wrote the content for this website.

Cool-n-Save – I have designed many retail websites. This one is one of the more successful. I designed the site, wrote most of the content and produced all the video. I also designed the corporate website. I also managed the company’s investor relations program for 3 years.

Video: Executive Interview - There’s a growing demand for video content. That’s why I’ve been producing more and more of it lately. I recently produced more than 30 videos of author and quality management expert Subir Chowdhury explain his management theories. Here’s one more, and another. All read from teleprompter script I wrote for the client. I have produced others like this – promoting products and services, and higher quality testimonials.

Video: Animated Product Explainer – I produced this video with the help of a graphic designer. I scripted the whole thing and did the final edit.

Video: Celebrity Endorsement – This video was recorded in a studio with proper lighting and sound. Ed Begley Jr endorses a product and shows you how it works.

Video: On the Spot Event - I used video from an iPhone to open and added a high quality video endorsement from an engineer who served on the selection committee.

Video: Testimonial on a Budget? - Here’s an example of a really low budget production. The client gave me a variety of recording sources (consumer cameras, iPhones, et cetera). It was a tough edit, but I managed to pull it off.

CLICK HERE to see my resume or visit my LinkedIN profile.

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